Welcome to Pike County, Ohio!

A Huge and Developing Workforce

Businesses in Pike County enjoy the advantage of a productive regional workforce of more than 285,000 within a fifty-mile drive. The work ethic runs deep here – with the area’s long history of factory work and farming, generations of families have been raised with respect for hard work and its rewards.

Our workers are well prepared, too. Area educators are focused on meeting the needs of local businesses, providing outstanding education and training to ensure a steady stream of workers with the skills they need including:

- Innovative medical technology and medical office management
- Information technology and interactive media and coding
- Energy and bioenergy science
- Engineering technologies
- Advanced manufacturing, including CNC programming and robotics technology
- Construction and electrical trades, plumbing, and HVAC
- Industrial electricity and maintenance, power line mechanics, and welding.
- Warehousing & Merchandising

The Pike County Career Technology Center (CTC) has partnered with other nearby institutions to offer additional training programs to meet the needs of local businesses.

The Pickaway Ross Career & Technology Center offers a wide variety of services tailored to meet your unique workforce needs with customized, onsite technical training in areas such as programmable logic controllers, instrumentation, hydraulics and pneumatics, to name a few. Students can also prepare for various U.S. EPA certifications and the National Manufacturing Certification (MSSC) at Pickaway Ross.

The workforce in Pike County, Ohio is better by design. We are intentional in our workforce development and focused on preparing workers with the skills businesses need. Click on the links on this page to see how we are developing a workforce for today and the future.