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Manufacturing Thrives in Pike County, Ohio

Ohio continues to rank high among states with a workforce engaged in manufacturing, and Pike County is a manufacturing leader. Businesses here enjoy some of the lowest taxes in the Midwest for capital-intensive manufacturing. Manufacturers opening new facilities here will find plenty of available space in the unincorporated areas of the county with no zoning restrictions and swift permitting at the state level to help them become operational more quickly.

Pike County’s location within 600 miles of many of North America’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) gives manufacturing businesses – especially those in the automotive industry – a significant competitive edge. Ohio is the second largest automotive state in the United States and offers a complete, end-to-end automotive supply chain and provides the third largest automotive workforce in the country. And, more than 285,000 of those workers live within a 50-mile radius of Pike County.

Pike County has a long history in manufacturing with a motivated, well-prepared workforce. With area educators focused on keeping the labor pipeline full of workers with skills in advanced manufacturing, CNC programming, automotive technologies, and engineering, to name a few, Pike County manufacturers never have to look far for the talent they need.

Pike County also offers an enviable transportation network that gives our manufacturers the ability to quickly and cost effectively access their suppliers and reach huge consumer markets – more than half the U.S. population within a single day. Our assets include several interstate-grade, divided highways that connect to interstate highways in all directions, a centrally located CSX rail spur with connections that offer several options for intermodal shipping and easy access to deep-water ports on Lake Erie and the East Coast.

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Pike County Top Employers

CompanyLocationProduct/Type of OperationsEmployees
Fluor BxTPiketonD+D of Gaseous Diffusion Plants1990
WAI - Wastron Advantage PiketonConstruction & Consulting560
Kirchoff AutomotiveWaverlyManufacturing Automotive Parts350
Rural KingWaverlyDistribution Center & Retail 370
Ohio Valley VeneerPiketonWood Products - Sawmill 250
Ohio Valley ElectricPiketonElectric Distribution180
Innovative Solutions PiketonConsulting - Sub Contractor for DOE100
RumpkeWaverlySolid Waste - Land Fill Operation95
Synergy ManufacturingPiketonPlastics - Injection molding for Honda60
Speyside Bourbon CooperageWaverlyTimber - Manufacturing staves for whiskey kegs35
Ohio International Lumber WaverlyTimber - Export lumber - sawmill30
GeoTech PolymersWaverlyPlastics - Recycling35
Beaver Wood ProductsBeaverTimber - Manufacturing wood pellet25