Welcome to Pike County, Ohio!

Pike County, Ohio Means Easy Access for Distribution Centers

Pike County is ideal for distribution centers. With easy access to several interstate-grade divided highways that connect to interstate highways in all directions, getting products to the more than 160 million consumers located within a single day’s truck drive – more than half of the U.S. population – couldn’t be easier.

With a centrally located CSX rail spur, transload facilities in neighboring Jackson County, and the truck-to-train double-stack Heartland Intermodal Gateway a short drive away, distribution centers in Pike county can easily extend their reach to markets throughout the world through deep-water ports on Lake Erie and the East Coast.

Zahn’s Corner Industrial Park – Ohio’s first American Electric Power (AEP) Certified Quality Site – offers 128 acres of space and all the infrastructure distribution facilities need. The unincorporated areas of the county also offer plenty of affordable land, and with no zoning restrictions, new distribution centers can be built and operational very quickly.

Pike County and the surrounding area keep the workforce pipeline full of workers with skills distribution centers need. Companies like Rural King, which serves a multi-state region from its distribution center in Pike County, benefit from three technology education centers that prepare students with training in warehousing and merchandising, industrial maintenance, computer science, management, building and property maintenance, and other key areas that help meet the need of distribution facilities. There’s no shortage of qualified truck drivers either. New classes begin every month at the Southern State Community College Truck Driving Academy in Pike County, ensuring a consistent flow of licensed CDL drivers into the area workforce.

In Pike County, Ohio, your trucks can be on the road quickly from anywhere in the county and on their way to markets throughout the country. Contact us to explore all the strategic advantages that locating your facility here can provide.

Pike County Top Employers

CompanyLocationProduct/Type of OperationsEmployees
Fluor BxTPiketonD+D of Gaseous Diffusion Plants1990
WAI - Wastron Advantage PiketonConstruction & Consulting560
Kirchoff AutomotiveWaverlyManufacturing Automotive Parts350
Rural KingWaverlyDistribution Center & Retail 370
Ohio Valley VeneerPiketonWood Products - Sawmill 250
Ohio Valley ElectricPiketonElectric Distribution180
Innovative Solutions PiketonConsulting - Sub Contractor for DOE100
RumpkeWaverlySolid Waste - Land Fill Operation95
Synergy ManufacturingPiketonPlastics - Injection molding for Honda60
Speyside Bourbon CooperageWaverlyTimber - Manufacturing staves for whiskey kegs35
Ohio International Lumber WaverlyTimber - Export lumber - sawmill30
GeoTech PolymersWaverlyPlastics - Recycling35
Beaver Wood ProductsBeaverTimber - Manufacturing wood pellet25