Welcome to Pike County, Ohio!

A Formula for Chemicals and Polymers Success

In Pike County, Ohio, the low energy costs combined with abundant and affordable water supplies offering excess availability of up to 850,000 gallons per day offer significant advantages for manufacturers in the chemical, polymer, and plastics industries.

Ohio remains the number-one state in the Midwest for polymer and plastic manufacturing in part because our integrated transportation infrastructure gives businesses in these and other industries seamless access to national and global markets for both raw materials and consumers. Pike County is a key part of that infrastructure with a highway system of interstate-grade divided highways that offer fast access to interstate highways in all directions and easy connections to railroads, including a centrally located CSX rail spur in Pike County with transload facilities nearby and connections by rail to deep-water ports on Lake Erie and along the East Coast.

Ethane producers locating in Pike County, Ohio will also find everything they need to succeed. With one cracker in the region and others under development, Ohio offers a fast-growing regional market for ethylene feedstocks along with a strong network of wells and storage tanks and pipelines. With no zoning in unincorporated areas and swift permitting at the state level, new producers can become operational very quickly here.

Pike County also offers a huge workforce equipped with the skills polymer and plastic manufacturers and ethane producers need now and in the future. Three technology training centers in the area help to keep the labor pipeline full and well equipped with skills in key areas such as energy and bioenergy science and industrial maintenance while Shawnee University in nearby Portsmouth, Ohio continues to graduate a steady stream of the chemists, plastics engineers, and technicians to meet your business needs.

Pike County Top Employers

CompanyLocationProduct/Type of OperationsEmployees
Fluor BxTPiketonD+D of Gaseous Diffusion Plants1990
WAI - Wastron Advantage PiketonConstruction & Consulting560
Kirchoff AutomotiveWaverlyManufacturing Automotive Parts350
Rural KingWaverlyDistribution Center & Retail 370
Ohio Valley VeneerPiketonWood Products - Sawmill 250
Ohio Valley ElectricPiketonElectric Distribution180
Innovative Solutions PiketonConsulting - Sub Contractor for DOE100
RumpkeWaverlySolid Waste - Land Fill Operation95
Synergy ManufacturingPiketonPlastics - Injection molding for Honda60
Speyside Bourbon CooperageWaverlyTimber - Manufacturing staves for whiskey kegs35
Ohio International Lumber WaverlyTimber - Export lumber - sawmill30
GeoTech PolymersWaverlyPlastics - Recycling35
Beaver Wood ProductsBeaverTimber - Manufacturing wood pellet25