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Office Space Demand Employment Change 2010 to 2016

Source: Moody's economy.com
Special calculation of those industries with high demand for offices and based on employment growth; produced by Economy.com.
  2010 2016 Pct. Change
Pike County1,7801,280-28.1%
17 County Labor Shed27,43128,7634.9%

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Retail Sales Change 2010 to 2016

Source: Moodys; GDP now coming from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Annual estimate from Economy.com based on Census Bureau estimates of the retail sector.
  2010 2016 Pct. Change
Pike County$282,211,808$381,530,14435.2%
17 County Labor Shed$7,175,712,156$9,478,288,53632.1%

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